Plug-In Glass-Door Upright Freezer/Fridge

Plug-In Glass-Door Upright Freezer/Fridge

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● Better energy saving & high efficiency

● Entire foaming tech

● 1/ 2/ 3 doors available

● Same outlook between the freezer and fridge

● Stable temperature

● CE、GEMS、ETL certification

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Product Introduction 

The BF series is an increasingly popular innovative product in many countries and regions. Especially in South-east Asia, we receive thousands of orders every year. We have recently improved the model name to LB06/12/18E/X-L01, representing 1 door, 2 doors, and 3 doors of the freezer, which can meet various customer requirements. Integrated foaming, 68mm thick insulation layer, high-quality digital controller, ensuring stable and reliable internal temperature less than -18 degree,which you can put all kinds of frozen foods.  LED lights are used, and imported compressors use R290 or R404a refrigerants, which is more energy-saving.

The bottom evaporator ensures better heat exchange and larger internal capacity and display area, as due to its smaller size design which depth is only 780mm, so you can place it in a very small place in the store. in a mall with a small land area and a large display of goods, it will reduce more costs and bring more profits to the store.The freezer entire appearance is square, which can meet the majority of people's appreciation of beauty and be loved by customers to sell more products.

You can also choose framed or frameless glass doors according to your preferences!  Heater on coated glass can ensure condensation caused by open the door disappeared quickly. Installing castor is also a convenient can easily move it to any where you want . The BF series is plug-in, unlike those remote display cabinets, you just need to put them together without any manual connection ,just like display cabinet with more doors. 

In order to export to more countries, we have passed many certificates, such as CE ETL, we can produce various plugs with voltage/frequency of 220V/50HZ, 110/60HZ, 220V/60HZ to meet the requirements of different countries clients.

Believe me, BF series is your best choice!

Product Advantages

1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:
Achieve superior energy efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings while minimizing environmental impact.

2. Advanced Full-Foam Insulation Technology:
Employ cutting-edge full-foam insulation technology to enhance temperature regulation, insulation, and overall energy efficiency.

3. Customizable Door Configurations:
Offer the flexibility of 1, 2, or 3 door configurations to suit diverse customer needs.

4. Unified Aesthetics for Freezers and Fridges:
Maintain a consistent and harmonious visual design between the freezer and fridge units, enhancing kitchen or retail aesthetics.

5. Steady Temperature Maintenance:
Ensure the refrigerator's temperature remains consistently stable, safeguarding food quality and safety.

6. Certified Quality Assurance:
Attain industry-recognized certifications such as CE, GEMS, and ETL, demonstrating compliance with rigorous quality and safety standards.

7. Better Energy Saving & High Efficiency:
Cutting-edge technology for cost-effective and eco-friendly operation.

8. Entire Foaming Tech:
Enhanced insulation for optimal temperature retention.

9. 1/2/3 Doors Available:
Versatile options to tailor storage to your needs.

10. Same Outlook Between Freezer and Fridge:
Uniform and cohesive design for a seamless look.

11. Stable Temperature:
Reliable temperature control for consistent cooling.

12. Certifications (CE, GEMS, ETL):
Ensuring quality and safety with industry-approved certifications.

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