Plug-In Glass-Door Upright Freezer

Plug-In Glass-Door Upright Freezer

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● Imported compressor

● Adjustable shelves

● 3-layers glass doors with low-E film

● LED on door frame

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Product advantages

1.Advanced Imported Compressor:
Harness the power of a high-performance imported compressor to maximize cooling efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.
Employ sophisticated control systems to ensure the compressor operates optimally, adapting to the precise cooling demands.

2.Customizable and Versatile Shelving:
Provide users with the convenience of adjustable shelves, allowing them to tailor the interior space to their specific needs.
Craft shelves that are both durable and easy to reconfigure, enhancing user flexibility.

3.Innovative Triple-Layered Glass Doors with Low-E Film:
Elevate insulation and energy efficiency with triple-layered glass doors, fortified with cutting-edge low-emissivity (Low-E) film.
Implement heated glass doors or energy-efficient coatings to prevent condensation and maintain uninterrupted visibility.

4.Illuminating LED Lighting Integrated into the Door Frame:
Optimize energy-efficient LED lighting embedded within the door frame, ensuring both brilliance and longevity.
Enhance user experience by incorporating motion sensors or door-activated switches for LED lights, conserving energy whenever the door is closed.

Imported Compressor:
Ensures efficient cooling and long-term reliability.

Adjustable Shelves:
Customize storage for items of all sizes.

3-Layers Glass Doors with Low-E Film:
Innovative technology for enhanced insulation and energy efficiency.

Adjustable shelves and 3-layer glass doors with Low-E film provide a practical and energy-efficient solution for organizing and storing your products. Whether you are running a business or just looking to provide efficient storage space for your home, these features can play a significant role in maintaining the quality and lifespan of your items.

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