Glass-Door Multideck Display Fridge remote commercial refrigerator

Glass-Door Multideck Display Fridge remote commercial refrigerator

Short Description:

● Double-layer glass doors with low-e film

● Adjustable shelves

● Stainless steel bumper choices

● Frame less to be more transparent

● LED on shelves

● RAL colour choices

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Product advantages

1.Enhanced Insulation with Double-Layered Low-E Glass Doors:
Utilize double-layer glass doors with low-emissivity (Low-E) film to improve insulation, reduce heat transfer, and enhance energy efficiency while maintaining excellent product visibility.

2.Versatile Shelving Configuration:
Provide adjustable shelves that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate a variety of product sizes and layouts, offering maximum flexibility for product placement.

3.Durable Stainless Steel Bumper Options:
Offer a range of stainless steel bumper choices to protect the fridge from wear and tear while adding a professional and polished look.

4.Sleek and Frameless Design for Superior Transparency:
Embrace a frameless design to maximize transparency and create an unobstructed view of the displayed products, enhancing aesthetics and customer appeal.

5.Efficient LED Lighting on Shelves:
Implement energy-efficient LED lighting directly on the shelves to illuminate products evenly and improve visibility, while conserving energy.

6.Customizable RAL Color Selection:
Through our customizable RAL color selection, you can choose from hundreds of colors to ensure that your refrigerator seamlessly blends into the overall beauty of the store and creates an attractive display effect. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant colors, or more subtle and neutral tones, our choices can meet various tastes and styles.

Our RAL color selection also allows you to stay up-to-date with constantly changing trends or brand reshaping efforts. If you decide to update the color scheme of the store in the future, you can easily change the color of the refrigerator to maintain a consistent and consistent appearance throughout the space.

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