Asian-style transparent island freezer with up &down sliding door

Asian-style transparent island freezer with up &down sliding door

Short Description:

● Widened transparent window

● 4 layers front glass

● Larger opening area

● RAL colour choices

● Evaporator refrigerating

● User-friendly handles

● Auto defrosting

● Imported compressor

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Product Introduction

Asian island freezer

The Asian island freezer has three main characteristics, the first one is three up and down sliding door, with friendly handles.The main advantage, it is very convenient for customer to pick up the good, and it is helpful for the clerk to put the goods, compared with the another one, the two left and right sliding door, when customer pick up the goods on the left, the customer on the right can not choose the goods, so the customer have to leave. The second advantage, it has the large perspective window, it has the four glass windows.

The good insulation, and inside it has the light. The third advantage, the evaporator is in the back, and it use aluminum sheet and copper pipe, it can achieve minus 27 degrees, it is no problem for ice-crean, meat, fish and so on .When you near the refrigeration, we can not feel hot, it use the evaporator to distribute heat;it has the vertical evaporator. The load light, when we load the goods, we could not beyond the level.The refrigeration has the ce, cb and ktc certification. For the forty feet container. Plywood packing can load 24 units, and three-layer iron aien packaging can hold 36 units.

The top cover, it is use for distribute heat, and the top is not flat, because when it is flat, the top will put something on it. And the super structure it can store non refrigerated goods, this we can choose with light or without light. Our compressor is imported compressor, secop or embraco, good heating effect.The refrigerant is r404a and r290, you can choose any one. And the color you could any color you like. It can Auto defrosting. We have four sizes you could choose, the end is 1870*874*835mm, the body can be 1470*875*835mm, 2115*875*835mm and 2502*875*835mm. And the asian freezer is very popular for abroad, Exported to multiple continents and countries such as the United States, Australia, Malaysia , South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Product Advantages

1. Widened Transparent Window: This suggests that the product has a larger or more prominent window, likely for better visibility of the items stored inside. It can be especially important in a commercial setting.

2. 4 Layers Front Glass: The use of multiple layers of glass in the front can improve insulation, reducing heat transfer and helping maintain a stable temperature inside the unit.

3. Larger Opening Area: A larger opening area means easier access to the contents inside the refrigerator or display case, which can be important for businesses that need to frequently stock or retrieve items.

4. RAL Colour Choices: As previously mentioned, RAL color choices allow customers to select specific colors to match their preferences or branding.

5. Evaporator Refrigerating: This indicates that the refrigeration system uses an evaporator for cooling, which is common in many refrigeration units.

6. User-Friendly Handles: User-friendly handles can make it easier to open and close the unit, improving convenience and accessibility.

7. Auto Defrosting: Auto defrosting is a valuable feature in refrigeration units, preventing ice buildup on the evaporator, which can lead to reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption.

8. Imported Compressor: An imported compressor may signify higher quality or performance, ensuring efficient cooling and reliability.

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